Meet The Brownstone Gals

From Left to Right:  Becky (GG), Jennifer, Robin, Taylor, Morgan
{Becky "GG"}

There is no other "GG" that can jam out to 50 cent quite like Becky can, and that is exactly why we love her so much! She is Brownstone's utility player and does everything from accounting to buying all the liquor and wine we need to make sure our margarita machine stays full! Becky has a heart of gold and a smile to turn any one's day around, so maybe that is why her biggest pet peeve is unnecessary rudeness. When not kicking up her boots in her hometown of Fort Worth, she loves to relax in the mountains of Colorado's Estes Park area.

If she wasn't walking the floor at Brownstone, she said another occupation she would love to try would be retirement! Her motto is "Work Hard, Play Hard" and Becky never ceases to disappoint! Becky is also one of the Co-Owners of the boutique Ward Girls . You can contact Becky at

Our in house artist and visual merchandising mastermind is Jennifer Courtney. After studying in London at Christie's Education, she returned to her hometown.  She claims that Brownstone is her favorite place in Arlington, and her must have Brownstone product is Sara Happ's Lip scrub and slip from Scentimentals. Her favorite childhood memory is enjoying a hamburger and shake with a few deer hunters while she waited for her parents (and the national guard) to pick her and her brothers up after a six hour search on North Pole Peak in Colorado. This may explain why when she is ready to get away, her favorite place to go is the mountains :).

Jennifer lives by a quote said by Van Gogh, "Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together." And the book on her nightstand, Start Something That Matters by Blake Mycoskie, is helping her to live true to that quote.

Jennifer is also in charge of all new vendors, so if you are interested in opening a boutique with us you can contact her at

Don’t be alarmed if you are missing your Diet Dr. Pepper, queso or Texas Toast Croutons.  It just means that our very own Robin Tarpley is indulging in some of her guilty pleasures. Robin is recently married to Justin that we adore and affectionately call"Big Tex". They share their new home with their precious mutt, Rodeo.

You can often find Robin relaxing at home watching Teen Mom re-runs, reading Harry Potter or trying to plot the best way to get face to face to her favorite celebrity, Real Housewives of New York’s very own Bethany Frankel.  If they were to be face to face, they would most definitely share fashion tips, bond over their love for their dogs and the importance of business branding.  Robin has been at Brownstone for three years and plays an important role in all things marketing and boutique relations.

You will be able to spot her at her favorite Arlington hang out, Louie Louie’s Piano Bar sporting her favorite Miss Me jeans paired with a trendy top and accessorized with jewels from FlooZees’ Boutique. Robin is a graduate of West Texas A&M with a degree in Mass Communications and love for Ton’s Mongolian Grill.  {Quite ironic for the germaphobe to enjoy sharing sautéed vegetables from a wok the size of a school bus}.

Robin will be sharing her knowledge and love for home and closet candy and can be reached at


Taylor Gray AKA "The Big Cheese" opened Brownstone in 2004, just a few short years after graduating from UT {hook em'}! When not sitting behind her computer, you can probably find her sitting in front of "sexy rolls" and "forget about it" rolls at Piranhas in Arlington! Creativity hits her best when soaking in a hot bath with a good magazine and a strong cocktail (preferably her favorite product at Brownstone WINE GLACE). Her dream vacation would be a typical Corona commercial, a sunny beach with a cold beer in hand lounging with her husband and kids.

With "Go Big or Go Home" as her quote to live by the sky is the limit, so always expect the unexpected when you walk into Brownstone! To contact Taylor you can email her at  

With a love for Amy's Cakery Chocolate Merlot cupcakes, Morgan is surprisingly our fitness and health nut queen! When not at Brownstone you can find her at The Red Barn Health Club {make sure to visit her SH'BAM class on Fridays at 5:30 :)}. If you don't find her at Red Barn, your next stop would be Louie Louies Piano Bar, where she loves to sing karaoke on Wednesday nights!

Morgan centers herself not only around fitness, but also family. Every moment she shares with her mom is precious to her, because her mom is her best friend! She also loves traveling to see her family, whether she is going to Oklahoma to visit grandparents or to Sweden to visit her uncle, she loves to travel the world! She lives by "Ce st La Vie" and she definitely lives her life with no regrets! She is a free spirit through and through, and she can't wait to share all her fabulous fitness tips with everyone!