Thursday, December 29, 2011

You Have to Start Somewhere!

Everyday is exciting and ever-changing at Brownstone Village. It is not always rainbows and glitter, but we love what we do and we love our boutiques. We are constantly receiving new merchandise, new ideas and of course we center our day around what's for lunch, or better yet for dessert. We are setting up this blog to tell you about all the newest fashions, great ideas for that bare wall, how to make that wreath you saw on our first row, and even how to make our dips into easy dinners. We are taking all things Brownstone and making them personal and useful. We are not afraid to laugh out loud, work hard or push the envelope. We encourage you to take a peek into the guts of Brownstone and what makes us tick.
Each week, you will meet some of our fabulous staff and their picks! We each have a different focus in our "real lives" outside of Brownstone, so this blog is a perfect combination of personality, passion and projects.
  • All Things DIY: Jennifer can show you all her favorite DIY projects and make art cool!
  • Calling all Cooks: Becky, also affectionately known as, GG
  • Kiddos & Parties: Taylor
  • Home & Closet Candy: Robin (me) will be updating you with some great fashion trends, and being a new home owner myself, I will show you how to transform that house into a home!
We all here at Brownstone Village hope you love our blog! As always, we will be running lots of contests and giveaways. So stay updated, leave comments, and we look forward to blogging our little hearts out!!

Until next time!


  1. Love the new Blogspot !!!
    Excited for Brownstone 2012 !!!