Monday, March 12, 2012

The Bigger the Bow the Better!

As the financial manager, I am in the office alot and don’t get to look as much as I would prefer.  Today I had a great time shopping for the perfect baby gift, and boy did I have a hard time choosing between all the cute things that I did not even know our boutiques had brought in!
Like the bow that makes their head tilt a little bit, from Outfitters of Little Fork Ranch!

Or the new giraffe Wubanub, from Carried Away Baby, that becomes the baby's favorite lovie!

And of course we can't forget the cute socks that cover their footies, that I had no idea came in this great gift set of 3!!

Yesterday, my niece had a baby girl named Addy Kate and I am going to meet her tonight.  She is a tiny little thing and I needed to get some fancy pink things. So hopefully all three of these precious little gifts, because little girls are our specialty, we now have six of them to keep dressed and the Shoppes at Brownstone Village can help us kept them in style.

Becky "GG"

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