Saturday, March 3, 2012

One of the greatest selling points of my current home was the small room off the garage that was going to be perfect for a craft studio and painting space.  I had romantic dreams of painting masterpieces while sun flooded in through all the windows and I found myself surrounded by bright colors and the perfect kind of creative chaos.  
In reality the room has sat mostly unused for the last year, full of half empty boxes and random craft supplies.  When I do start a project I get frustrated as I’m unable to find any of the random things I need to finish it.  All my paint is present but the staple gun is in the garage, my brushes are still in the kitchen where I last washed them and after searching all sensible places for almost an hour I find the scissors have for some reason  found their way on to the front porch.  I need a spring cleaning plan!
So now my practical dreams are of plastic tubes and Elfa shelves.  Mason jars full of buttons and random beads all divided by color and shape.  I’ve searched high and low for ideas on how to turn my small converted garage into the artistic haven I picture in my dreams.  After all how can I expect to create in a cramped space where I’m constantly tripping over that box of Christmas decorations that never made its way to the attic?  I welcome any and all suggestions for making this happen and I’ll keep you posted on all my progress!
Keep Crafting,

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