Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tissue Garland

Most of my DIY projects come about while I try to find creative and new display ideas for seasonal merchandise.  Recently I started browsing around the web trying to find decorations for graduation season.  One of the cutest ideas I found was for a tissue paper tassel garland.  All you need is some tissue paper, tacky glue and a rope. 
Simply stack up a pile of tissue paper (remember the smaller the stack, the easier it is to cut uniform lines) and cut into ½ inch strips.
 Take hold of about 20-25 strips between your thumb and index finger and begin to twist from the middle of the strip.  Twist about 4 inches in the center of the strip and then you can fold it over the rope. 
Now twist both ends of the tissue around each other to form a tight bond around the rope.  You will need to liberally apply some tacky glue, remembering that is might look messy when wet, but it will dry clear.
Once the tassel is secure, just fluff a bit and pull the individual strips apart to poof out the tassel.
Playing with the tassel, I added some rubber bands around the top of my tassel to make it look a bit more like it belonged on a miter board.  The same effect could be achieved with some gold thread. 
I love inexpensive and simple decorations for any event and as now’s the time of year when we all seem to have parties and showers to plan for.  This garland would look darling in any color scheme (baby boy blue!?) or add some tassels made of mylar or metallic colored tissue to add a little sparkle to a bridal event.    I found several photos of garlands made using the same technique only with patterned strips of cloth instead of tissue.  The possibilities are endless!


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