Friday, June 8, 2012

Landscaping Diva

As a new homeowner I think I was a little clueless about the work in takes into making a flower bed. I had been looking up landscaping and had in mind what I wanted and my dreams of the front yard that would welcome guests to our home. Lots of flowers and potted plants and an overabundance green, something like this......

So when my husband told me that he would like to add some landscaping to our BARE front yard, I was thrilled to add a little color, and to finally add some yard art from Annie's Metal Outlet! Here is a little look at what we were starting with....

Within 5 minutes of shoveling up the grass that was DEEPLY rooted, I was over the color and adding yard art. I was okay with the bare, easy, and pain free front yard that we had started with, but with my DETERMINED husband by my side we were getting it done! And boy did we, 7.5 hours and one horrible sunburn later we now have a flowerbed. It is not pinterest professional garden, but it is definitely a start, and hopefully in the years to come I will develop some sort of green thumb!

Robin :)

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  1. What a difference landscaping can make! Your front yard looks so much better now. Love the colors present in this project, and I can't wait to see your plants fully grown. This is a great start if you want to develop your skills in landscaping. Keep it up!

    Matt Kucik @ Meridian Landscapes