Saturday, January 14, 2012

Alright all my beautiful resolutioners! I want you to reach all your fitness goals, so for those days you can't make it to the gym, out on your run or group exercise, or maybe you're just doing the same old routine at home. Here is a quick work out you can get in at home {even while watching your favorite TV show :)}! In parenthesis are pointers on proper form and how to do it--this is just to avoid injury and for anyone who may not know what a specific move is. Enjoy :)

For the Legs and Booty:
-Squats {legs are hip distance apart, and pretend like you are sitting into a chair, the booty goes back and the knees DO NOT go past your toes--this is what can cause knee injury}
-Lunges {both legs are at a 90 degree angle and that back knee never touches the floor--but comes close!}
-Plie Squats {this is a wide squat that will work the inner thighs, toes are pointed to the corners of the room}
- Calf Raises {come up and down on the toes}
-Jumping Lunges {alternating lunges by jumping}

Do THREE sets of 12-15 REPS

For the Arms:
-Push Ups {arms come to a 90 degree angle shoulder distance apart}
-Triceps dips {you can do this off of a chair and make sure those elbows go straight behind you}

Do THREE sets of 12-15 REPS

For the Abs:
-You can really do any type of crunch from bicycles to sit-ups {make sure you are using your core to come up--don't pull on the head or neck}
-Plank {it's a must for a strong core hold for 1 minute}

Do THREE sets, Hold the Plank for 1 minute and do as many crunches of your choice for 1 minute

-High Knees
-Jumping Jacks
-Mountain Climbers
-Burpies {legs apart your hands come to the floor, jump out to a plank, come in, jump up to end}

Do THREE sets, doing 1 minute of each exercise!

Stay Fit Ladies!

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