Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look at them Apples!

I am a self proclaimed Antique Mall JUNKIE! I love walking the aisles and finding someones old junk {or treasures} and re-purposing them to fit my home! I love to find things that may have a story, or come from somewhere far away, or are just plain cool! I am also a Pinterest JUNKIE, which I am sure most of us are by now! I have found many ideas on making shelves out of wire baskets, books, crates or even old wood pallets.

So, my mission was set, I was determined to make some book shelves out of old crates, I didn't really have any set ideas on what kind of crates, I just knew that I wanted crates that showed their age, had advertising, and didn't break the bank! I went to one of my favorite antique malls first that is in Fort Worth, it is a huge mall and I knew I would find something there....NOT! I guess wood crates are an easy sell, because every single one that I found was over $30! I know this may not seem like much, but I was looking for multiple crates {plus I am a recent graduate and a newlywed, so I need deals people!}

My next stop was a small antique mall in Mansfield, and boy did I find what I was looking for, and they had amazing people walking the floor there. An older gentleman noticed that I was looking at every single crate I passed, so he proceeded to tell me where I could get the biggest bang for my buck, which was of course his booth :), and boy was he right! He had at least 10 crates and all were under $15, he also had a back story for every single one!
So I ended up with 2 APPLE crates from Missouri and a dynamite box from south Texas, all for under $35!

I love absolutely all of them, and I think they added so much character to the little nook that I have right outside our bedroom! Let me know what you think!!!
Robin :)


  1. Very cool! I had no idea you and Justin were so crafty. Thanks for sharing.