Wednesday, January 18, 2012

That look is furrrrocious!!

I have always loved new and unique looks, so when I started seeing fur vest all over the racks at BSV {Brownstone Village ;)} I was ecstatic! With so many options it is hard to choose, and for someone like me who loathes dressing up, it was the perfect accessory to add a little spark to an outfit. Now comes the hard decision what color fur vest to buy......

Well obviously you all know that the decision was brown, they great thing about these faux fur vest is the versatility, you can throw it on with a baggy button up shirt, or dress it up with some pearls {i love me some pearls}! Sadly, my husband didn't fall in love with my vest as much as I did, but who really cares as long as you know you look good right??!?

Now if you are looking for a fur vest, you have TONS of options at BSV! Groovys has a great white one, and Rebecca's Ranch and Ward Girls both have the perfect brown and black ones! So get on down here and pick yourself out one before they are all gone!

Robin :)

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