Friday, April 13, 2012

Fashion Basics Brownstone Style

Haven’t you had at least one outfit that you stumbled across years after wearing it and thought, “What was I thinking?!?!?”  No matter what age you are, you know you’ve experienced it.  Probably one of my most memorable fashion faux pas was a pair of SILVER Limited Too pants.  Granted I was still a pre-teen, but I thought I looked fly.  I have also always been on the curvier side so skin-tight was not exactly the most flattering style to begin with but I was determined to rock them.  I am all for everybody interpreting fashion their own way, but here’s a little cheat list to keep you from having one of those “oh no” moments.

Wear the size that looks right, not the size the tag says.
Just the other day, a mother and daughter were in Groovy’s shopping when the daughter picked out a shirt that was running smaller than the size on the tag.  She was easily a traditional small, but went with the large because it looked best on her.  When explaining this to her mother she responded with, “That’s why the tag is on the inside-so nobody will see it.”  She’s right.  We all have in our minds what size we think we are supposed to be, but we really need to wear what is right for us.  I know I am guilty of it at times too, but nobody else will even notice or care.

Dress your age.
Think about the friend closest to you in age.  If you do not think she should wear it, neither should you.  We live in a world that creates styles and trends for all ages that you cannot possibly go wrong if you just dress age-appropriately.  Congratulations that you can still fit in your skin-tight leopard print mini skirt from high school even though you are 45 now…just don’t show it off in public.      

Follow trends without overdoing it.
Bright colors are obviously making an appearance this year, but that does not mean you need to look like a deluxe pack of highlighters.  Stick to a similar color family or shade.  You want things to flow, not look like you put on every color in your closet.

Flatter yourself.
All in all, wear what looks good on you!  So what if you have a thicker bottom and cannot comfortably fit in the same pair of jeans as your less curvy friends, embrace all that you have to offer.  Wear clothing that shows off what you are proud of while drawing attention away from the things you’re not. 

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