Thursday, April 19, 2012

Party People

I love to throw a party.  I love to brainstorm about throwing a party.  I love all the details and the random thoughts that come to me when I should be sleeping.  We have had a circus party with a kid’s parade, a chef party with custom recipes, movie night with a concession stand and a gymnastics party with personalized medals for the party goes.  I always had intricate invitations, custom cupcakes with handmade toppers and party décor that brought the whole party together.

It is time to plan yet another birthday party for our oldest.  I was ready to create an extravagant scavenger hunt for her and all her friends.  I asked Emma what she thought and she told me that would be great, but what she really wanted was a mud party.  I thought I heard her wrong.  Mud.  Dirt and water together.  She said she just wanted to be able to play in the mud with all her friends.

I realized that while all the other parties were fun and full of details, she really just wanted to play like a kid.  So this year as she turns 8, she will get her mud party.  I sent an email (not even an evite) to the moms and the party was set.  No crazy planning.  No stress and I am actually looking forward to the stress free party!
I will post pictures after the party.  I am sure I will be smiling and not stressing and the kids will be knee high in mud and fun!


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