Monday, February 13, 2012

Luck & Love

For the last few Valentine's days, Brownstone has hosted an event known as Luck, Love and Laughter. At this event we hand out scratch-off cards allowing customers to try their luck at a lottery amount.

This year we mixed it up and made our own scratch-offs. It turned out so remarkably cute that I decided to make scratch-offs for all my Valentines. Because of course there are dozens of them and it can get quite expensive to buy gifts even with my Brownstone employee discount :)

First of all, I designed a triple heart scratch-off in Excel. Over the years Taylor has managed to convert most of us into thinking of the program as an art tool rather than the program of spreadsheets.

Below I have included a link so you don't have to design your own, but you have the option to write in your own prizes {mine were simple things like breakfast in bed or a foot massage}. This gives you the option to change the prizes for each individual recipent making this as simple or as SPICY as you wish. Just be prepared to follow through on whichever prize that special someone chooses to scratch!

Next, you will need to mix up some paint. All it takes is a small bottle of metallic acrylic paint {gold or silver} and a little Dawn. Pour 2 parts paint to one part Dawn and mix together in a small cup. This will be your scratch-off paint. Now paint an area on clear contact paper and allow to dry {you will repeat this one or two more times until the message is no longer visible} the soap with delude the paint so it doesn't cover as well as usual.

On the template you will notice the three hearts below the scratch-off {you will use these to help guide you} place each over the area you painted on the contact paper and cut out all three hearts. After you have finished cutting out the hearts remove the paper backing from the contact paper and place them over your written prizes on the scratch-off.

Congrats you should have a finished scratch-off, now all you have to do is get a pretty envelope and stick a penny in it and you are ready to make someone's day!

Happy Valentine's Day and Good Luck!!


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