Friday, February 3, 2012

Painting with a Twist Girls Night Out

I started taking art lessons when I was in the second grade. So I've long been aware how calming and relaxing putting a brush to canvas can be. When the world gets to be too much, I can always take my frustrations out in paint.

But until this last Monday, I had forgotten how much FUN painting can be. The fun came back when the girls of Brownstone decided to spend the evening at Painting with a Twist in Arlington! About 10 of us girls donned our aprons and painted some adorable love birds. Our hosts provided all the canvases, paint, brushes and even some instruction.

As you would expect, we started with the background. Our teacher, Amy, helped everyone blend our sunset, making sure to show each color at it's brightest, and taught us how to clean our brushes without ruining the bristles {we also learned not to clean our brushes on our neighbor, a lesson Christi wishes GG would have learned sooner}!

While waiting for our background to dry, we did what Brownstone girls do best: EAT! Multiple dips, taco popcorn, and brownie bites were washed down with beer and wine. Stories were told, and laughs were abundant. We were having such a good time when we went back to our canvases that Amy had to remind us not to dip our brushes in our wine :)

Drawing and painting our birds had to be the most fun, because even with the step-by-step instruction each of us managed to create birds with their own personality {Norma's male bird was sporting a wicked pompadour hairdo}! But most importantly that all came out looking BRILLIANT...including those of the group that had never picked up a brush before.

If you have yet to visit Painting with a Twist in Arlington, it is a must to try at least once! To see their calander for February click here!

And have fun!

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